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October 31, 2018

Why is it that so many people love Halloween? In my opinion, it has more to do with the permission we give ourselves to be creative, than the holiday itself. There are many different ways that creativity dominates this holiday. Is your favorite part carving pumpkins? Dressing up and acting silly or scary? Maybe it is the intricate make-up or face painting? Making your yard a scary graveyard? 

Halloween is one time of year that creativity is not only perfectly acceptable but highly encouraged in society. If your form of creativity is make believe, then you are able to dress up and act in a way different from your normal everyday life. If your form of creativity is in the visual arts area, you can create by carving detailed pumpkins, designing amazing costumes, or even painting faces. Then there are our builders, they may turn their yards into haunted houses or their trunks into spaceships. Halloween is a time for boundless creativity.

How different would our life be if we would allow ourselves to be "Halloween" creative all the time? I know that for me, a day without creativity is not a great day.  It is a day that feels grey and rather boring. I have tried to find different ways to incorporate creativity into life everyday. As a wife and mother that tends to be playing with my food.

My favorite Halloween tradition is the huge pots of food that I serve my family and half of the neighborhood. In cooking I can use my ingredients as the medium for my creating. Also when I create food I tend to create happiness in others. It is a way I share my heart and my love.  So on this Halloween day, soak up the time that you are able to nurture the creativity in yourself and share it with those around you. Happy Haunting!