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Taking Therapy Off of the Couch and Into Life

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Your Companion in Your Journey to Self-Discovery

Healthier You Counseling Center in Lindon, Utah focuses on empowering people with individual, family, and marriage counseling. Helping each person develop skills to lead their fullest life.  As well as therapy, our in-house life coach, assists with making and maintaining goals. Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or A.R.T., is the leading form of trauma therapy. We here at Healthier You are one of the first practices offering ART in Utah. We also offer reduced copay's for first responders, teachers, and veterans.


"Thank you so much for recommending Siera to me. I have made huge progress in the last few months and found the strength within me (like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, she always had the ability to return home) to face the things I have carried for close to 60 years. I am more at peace than I have ever been in my life. still have work to do, but I have HOPE again."

"I have worked in the local mental health industry for a number of years now and have literally referred hundreds of clients to different mental health clinicians in Utah County. I can honestly say that I don’t think there is an office that cares more about their clients than Healthier You. I am a huge fan of A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) for trauma. I have personally been a client of Janey Nelson for trauma and would highly recommend her and the staff she has trained."

"My son did a week long day camp with Healthier You and loved it. Coming from a stubborn 14 yr old who tried to get out of going I would say this is more than a WIN! Thank you Healthier You!"

" I started seeing Janey a couple years ago to get help with signs of depression. since then, she has helped me learn to deal with and overcome my depression and anxiety. She has become a great friend as she has helped me understand how to set boundaries and take better care of myself. She has also taught me how to help my children with their difficult struggles and challenges. I have been to 3 of her women's retreats that have been So Empowering, Nurturing to my soul and have been Life Changing!! She is so genuine and caring. We have laughed and cried several times as she has helped me become emotionally and mentally stronger, which has helped in all of my relationships. I am so grateful to Janey and all she has done to help shape my life and to believe in myself again! I have referred her to may of my friends and will continue to do so!"

"My daughter really enjoyed this program. Her favorite parts were canoeing, the warrior photo shoot, and the service scavenger hunt. As a mother I felt to go through this program and have a safe place to boost her self esteem. I was impressed with the adult leaders in this group and their mindfulness  towards all of the youth who were in their group. this is a fantastic program! It teaches ho to have a healthy life, make good decisions, how to do hard things, and have resilience. Just to name a few things. I highly recommend this program to all girls." 

-Mo Peck (R.I.S.E. Empowerment Group)

"...I know I can be me and you love me. You have an amazing take no bullshit, love everyone spirit..."   

-Amber Washington (working with Shiray)

"Several  years ago when my daughter started high school, we noticed a huge change in her personality.  She became very quiet, and withdrawn, and showed many signs of anxiety and depression. We were very worried about her and were grateful that a friend referred us to Janey. Our daughter began meeting with her on a regular basis. Our time with Janey became a huge changing point in her life. She had a safe place she could go, to discuss the challenges she was facing. Janey taught her many skills that helped with her anxiety and depression. She helped us understand what she was going through and ways that we could help. My daughter is now in college and is happy and thriving. We know that it is because of  Janey that she made it through those high school years and is now doing so well. We are grateful for everything that Janey has done for her and our family. Janey is truly and expert in her field!  She is knowledgeable, caring  and has a true gift with connecting to teenagers and helping them through their challenges. I have referred several friends to her who have also had great success. I highly recommend Janey and cannot express enough how grateful we are to have our happy, healthy, and thriving daughter back."

Group Workshops